The dynamic business environment of Dubai is our area of expertise. We help businesses manage the emirate-specific administrative, legal, and regulatory aspects of their operations. When dealing with the different government agencies and regulatory procedures, these services are especially beneficial for companies trying to establish or grow their presence in Dubai.

Our complete approach is intended to save you time while maintaining Company compliance, with a focus on Corporate and Individual clients. From founding enterprises and processing work permits to helping with trade licenses and attesting papers.


Company Formation and Licensing:

At Shri Raddhe, our PRO team assists clients with every step of starting a business in Dubai,UAE including selecting the best legal structure, acquiring relevant permissions and licenses, and submitting the appropriate paperwork for company registration.

Immigration and Visa Services:

PRO Services handles issues pertaining to immigration and visas. This involves requesting resident visas for business associates, their families, and dependents. We experts are knowledgeable about the visa application procedure and can make sure that all necessary paperwork are filed accurately and on time.

Government Liaison:

The services serve as a point of contact between various government agencies and enterprises. With regard to applications, approvals, and renewals, we assist with document submission, processing, and follow-up. Dealing with organizations like the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MOHRE), the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA), and the Department of Economic Development (DED) is part of this.

Document Clearing and Attestation:

A number of papers, including business contracts, certificates, and legal agreements, frequently need to be cleared or certified by the appropriate government agencies. We will manage the document clearance procedure and make sure that all necessary documents are authenticated in accordance with UAE legal requirements.

Trademark and Intellectual Property Services:

We can help with trademark registration and other relevant legal procedures for companies wishing to secure their intellectual property rights, ensuring that your brand and inventions are protected by law.

Corporate Banking and Financial Services:

In addition, we can help with the setup of business and Individual bank accounts and provide assistance with financial matters such as VAT registration and compliance.

Regulatory Compliance:

The latest legislation, Policies, and Processes in the UAE are kept up to date by our PRO professionals. We assist companies in staying in compliance with local legislation and avoiding any legal problems.